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Profile: Dr Sarah Richardson


GEM Role: Medical Director

Main interests: Emergency care management in resource poor settings, pre-hospital care, remote medicine

Current GEM Projects: Uganda co-lead, Zambia co-lead, Operational response advisor

Twitter: @docsrichardson

Sarah has had an interest in medicine in low resource settings since the beginning of medical school in 2006. Over the following decade she has spent time travelling to a variety of areas of Africa, working in Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco and Oman. As well as visiting Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia and South Africa. She has completed a post graduate certificate in remote and offshore medicine alongside a number research projects abroad. 


In the UK she is a specialist trainee with Edinburgh Emergency Department, having gained her membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in 2014, she is now studying towards a masters in public health. 


Sarah has been involved in a number of research projects over the last 8 years, including research studies into cardiac arrest, acute heart failure, shock and malaria. She has a particular interest in global health research applied to emergency settings. 

Outside of work Sarah is an avid white-water kayaker, spending much of her spare time in Uganda paddling (and ending up upside-down a lot) on the white Nile. 


She has aspirations to kayak the zambezi, as well as spending time on scottish rivers. 



Partnerships and Collaborations

Orkidstudio works to benefit communities worldwide through innovative architecture, construction and social enterprise
The Emergency Medicine Research Group of Edinburgh
EMERGE and the RRG currently manage, coordinate and implement over 50 projects, trials and studies that include commercial, non- commercial and academic, audit, service improvements projects, nurse-led research, student involvement, and educational and mentorship support.

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